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Entries in Virginia (10)


Scam: Do Virginia’s illegal driver’s license holders vote?

Three employees of Virginia’s Dept. of Motor Vehicles pled guilty to a conspiracy to obtain official state IDs or driver’s licenses for people the U.S. Dept. of Justice described as “undocumented aliens.”  The criminal conduct ran from Sept., 2007 to July, 2010.

The Washington Post (11-7-2013) cited the number of illegal license holders “as many as 300 people.”

The Dept. of Justice included no numbers in the official news release distributed to the public.

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Ryan: Rights come from “nature and God,” not government

Photo: Camera shot of TV screenPaul Ryan took center stage on Saturday in Norfolk (Va.) after presumptive GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney announced Ryan as the pick for vice president. Ryan got right down to business after he segued into his speech, saying, “Our rights come from nature and God, not government.”

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People who impact the world: List and facts on USA attendees at Bilderberg

Photo: NASAThere was a time when, if you said the word Bilderberg in a political discussion, you’d be handed a tinfoil hat. The 21st century makes it hard to keep a secret though, and the group of influencers we call Bilderberg has even posted a list of participants on an official website.

The US Report broke out participants from the United States.

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Will Jon Corzine be at Bilderberg meetup in Virginia?

Excerpt from Bilderberg former steering committee list showing Jon S. Corzine was a member. (Graphic: The US Report; from official Bilderberg website)Two sources reportedly told Alex Jones the Bilderberg Group will meet this week at Westfields Marriott Washington Dulles hotel in Chantilly, Virginia. There’s no complete guest list available to press, but a list of former and current steering committee members contains political heavyweights and uber-wealthy influencers of global policy. A few think tank wonks are also on the list.

Familiar names like Jon S. Corzine and David Rockefeller are among Bilderbergers past and present.

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League of Women Voters special deal on Cuba travel—partisan or not?

Screen snip of video posted on League of Women Voters-Virginia home page. I admit I’ve always assumed the League of Women Voters leans to the Left—just my personal impression based on snippets of policy statements and such. I noticed a link beneath a story at Pajamas Media on Friday and got curious.

The title of the story PJ Media linked to: “League of Women Voters Aren’t Nonpartisan.”

I did a little searching, but I can’t say I was surprised by what I found.

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Reporters in Virginia a victim of mob, law enforcement and media

The Virginian-Pilot ran a column on Tuesday after two of the paper’s reporters were attacked by a mob. The column ran on the editorial page, not the news page.

The mob is initially described as “wave after wave of young men” delivering the blows.

Only when you near the end of the opinion piece is this information shared:

“Forster and Rostami, both white, suffered a beating at the hands of a crowd of black teenagers.”

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Prince William County suits against DHS will shine light on deportation flaws

A Border Patrol agent sits next to an improvised fence built for protection against rocks that are thrown from the Mexican side of the border. (Photo by Gerald L. Nino, US CBP)Prince William County (Virginia) has filed a second lawsuit against the US Dept. of Homeland Security because DHS has refused to respond to Freedom of Information Act requests. The county board of supervisors wanted information about records concerning the disposition of criminal illegal aliens identified by the county and turned over to DHS.

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Cuccinelli wants expedited SCOTUS review on PPACA lawsuit

Virginia attorney general Ken Cuccinelli wants the US Supreme Court to take up his state’s lawsuit challenging the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act immediately. Cuccinelli announced his decision in a public statement on Thursday. Should SCOTUS agree to expedite the case, states and the federal government will save money and avoid taking complicated, costly measures to comply with the unconstitutional law.

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Board approves extension for terror-linked Islamic madrassa in Virginia

The Fairfax County Board of Supervisors approved an extension for the Islamic Saudi Academy (ISA), an Islamic high school in Alexandria, Virginia. The school operates under the authority of the Saudi Arabian government. In 2008, ISA was cited for using textbooks calling for violence against non-Muslims.

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