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Why I’m no longer a ‘Cosmo Girl’

by Rebecca Day

Since I was a teenager, I’ve read Cosmopolitan Magazine. The articles, quizzes, and tidbits of information about relationships, sex and beauty made me feel like a more enlightened woman. For years, the Cosmo motto, ‘Fun, Fearless Female,’ represented the ultimate woman I thought I wanted to be. However, every time I would read a new issue, I always came across different parts of the magazine that would strike a raw nerve. Then I received a failing mark on a quiz, implying I needed to loosen up. I decided that letting a magazine influence how I should behave, based on what type of woman is acceptable to an editorial board, was no longer the right path for me.

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Poll shows liberals and media who stereotype GOP women are simply uninformed

A young woman called in to a radio program the other day, and she recounted an experience with a group of older females attending a university forum on women’s issues in Florida. The young woman is a conservative; the older women are liberals. The caller described being verbally mob-attacked by the women, largely over the issue of abortion and of course, over Gov. Sarah Palin as a vice-presidential candidate. It should be pointed out that bearing a child is a choice.

The feministas in that university group assumed all Republican women agree with the young woman who believes abortion is wrong. And the error in that mindset belies a lack of understanding about the GOP. The Republican Party does not fit into the tidy little racial, religious and gender niches the Democrats so handily cater to. Republicans disagree among ourselves, but we tend to be respectful about our differences. The group The Republican Majority for Choice is a perfect example. RMC released poll results in August that were glaringly—perhaps deliberately—overlooked  by traditional media.

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