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‘The Process’ is called Democracy

Letter to the Editor

Florida representative Kathy Castor [D-Fla.], commenting on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s [D-Calif.] plan to avoid a vote on the healthcare bill and instead "deem" it passed so they can get on with the leadership’s agenda, stated,"At this point, process is not important.”

The Florida Federation of Republican Women drew record attendance at the celebration for their 60th anniversary. Attendance at the Tallahassee meeting jumped by 35 percent. [Photo by Kay B. Day]That single statement is the single most frightening thing about the whole healthcare debate. Why? Because that statement shows a monumental lack of understanding of what the American political system is, or ought to be, about and an equally great lack of respect for the will of the American voter.

“The process” as Congresswoman Castor disdains it, is the system whereby we elect people to represent us to do what we want done with our country. “The process”  holds that, in the course of representing us, our elected officials should become informed of the issues before them and should consult with their constituents to determine their feelings. “The process” has it that they should then cast their vote  after conscientious study, first having determined that the way they plan to vote is the best thing for their constituents and that it is in keeping with the will of said constituents.

When did it become acceptable that our elected officials vote for bills without so much as reading them?

In all too many instances, that is exactly what many did last summer when the President was urging that his healthcare plan (then only 1001 pages long) be passed before the summer recess.

Now the House and Senate “leadership” wants healthcare to become law without even a vote. They want it to be “deemed” passed. When the people complained about this kind of high- handed trickery, the ‘Honorable’ Congresswoman sniffed that “the process” was not important. 

Yes, it is just “the process.”  The process for which good men died in the Revolution, the same “process” good men defended in the Civil War; the very same process brave people risked life and limb to be able to participate in during the Civil Rights struggle of the sixties. Too many good people have fought and died for “the process” to chuck it now on the altar of naked political ambition.

Oh, and Congresswoman?  Heed the process. Otherwise, the process might find you unemployed come November.

Ana Gomez-Mallada, Esq.
First Vice-President
Florida Federation of Republican Women
Lighthouse Point, FL


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Reader Comments (4)

This letter is either deliberately misleading, or the author truly doesn't understand what she's talking about. Rep. Castor was talking about Congress's internal operating procedures, not representative democracy as a whole. Republicans used the deem-and-pass procedure when they were in office. George Bush shamelessly used recess appointments to seat federal judges without Senate confirmation. Republicans weren't upset about any of this. Now, suddenly, internal rules of parliamentary procedure are the "process for which good men died in the Revolution." I feel sorry for this author if she has just stuck her foot in her mouth by talking about something she doesn't understand, but shame on her if she's deliberately trying to mislead good people into having the wrong idea about what Castor said.

March 18, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterTampa Steve

Tampa Steve, please don't forget to include this legislation comprises approximately 1/6 of the US economy. And sets an unconstitutional mandate in my opinion. Republicans have not used that 'process' to do what the Dems are doing.

The writer of this letter in no way misled anyone. She simply quoted what Castor said and then the writer exercised her freedom of speech to comment.

Bear in mind many Republicans, myself included, criticized our own party for spending long before Obama found his favorite excuse, "I inherited this."

And also bear in mind you Democrats promised change--that was the overriding promise to the American people.

Democrats have changed nothing in Washington and the legislative process they are using for a controversial bill NONE of them have read including the president is reprehensible.

The only change I have seen is a deliberate goal to bankrupt this country with record spending.Castor and any other Democrat in office is a party to that.

But thanks for your comment. We invite members of all parties and persuasions to read, rant and emote at The US Report.

March 18, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterKay B. Day

With all due respect this comment is ridiculous "The only change I have seen is a deliberate goal to bankrupt this country with record spending.Castor and any other Democrat in office is a party to that" The health care bill will reduce the deficit by $140,000,000,000 over ten years and over $1,300,000,000,000 over 20 years. How is that a deliberate goal to bankrupt this country? You have had too much coolaid

March 19, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterDave

Well, Dave, I don't do koolaid.

And those projections don't include a nasty little item called 'discretionary spending.' You are aware, aren't you, the figures they're citing don't include that? Take a look at the CBO site, Dave, and see how they admit they cannot even cost the discretionary spending, at least once they get past $50 billion (they have no idea how much more it will cost.)

I've read the latest healthcare takeover bill, and it is not a pretty picture. It's the little things--if I want my HSA to reimburse me, now I'll have to get a prescription for aspirin. God must love Democrats for being shortsighted enough to join the leftwingers in pushing this sorry piece of legislation.

Go read the bill, Dave. And set your own koolaid down. Anybody who thinks this bill will reduce the deficit is relying on euphoria rather than reality.

Meanwhile, read some history, Dave. Read what LBJ and Ted Kennedy promised us about those entitlement programs they were so keen on.

Go back and see what they said, Dave, when they committed my generation to a ridiculous level of indebtedness and taxes.See what they promised us about Medicare.

Government's intrusion into the market created problems in the market. And that applies to housing, energy, auto manufacturing, the mess in education and (drum roll) healthcare.

Every Democrat who votes for that bill should be turned out of office. It is an insult to the intelligence and the hard work of the American people.

But, hey, glad you came by to defend the Democrats. They're gonna need it when the public figures out just how bad they've been had.

March 19, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterKay B. Day
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