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Why the GOP should not cave in to ‘Crat care AKA HR 3200

In the news Tuesday is Sen. Charles Schumer starring in a blog post at USA Today. The paper reported on healthcare remarks by the senator who started a chain reaction in bank failures with a letter about IndyMac (and then washed his hands of the whole affair). Basically Schumer believes a healthcare bill can pass without Republican support, and this of course is not news. Democrats can do whatever they want to—they hold absolute power in the executive and legislative branches of our government. And Schumer, like other misguided liberals, wants Americans to come aboard for what I call ‘Crat care, the Democratic model for healthcare reform.

The Dem push has, with a great deal of help from media and the political class, addressed the need for healthcare reform as a “crisis.” Of course it isn’t. If you are flat busted broke and living under a bridge, you can get treatment at any emergency room. If you are in the country illegally and need care, the same applies. If you’re a gang member in a dustup and 4 or 5 of you decide to shoot each other, you will receive care when public dollars are used to transport you to the nearest trauma center. If you are an unmarried woman with children and no father involved in their lives, rest easy. The government will provide care for as many children as you choose to produce.

And of course all that treatment is courtesy of the US taxpayer.

There’s a telling editorial by Dr. Bernadine Healy at US News and World Report. Dr. Healy did the unthinkable, just as I did. She actually addressed specifics in HR 3200, the more than 1,000 page bill Rep. John Conyers (D-Mich.) saw no point in reading. To be fair, Conyers has his hands full right now with a domestic situation. US News pointed out Conyers’ “wife’s guilty plea to federal bribery charges last month.“

If you want to see your government at work, take a stroll through HR 3200. You don’t have to read it like a novel, although you could do an astounding novel by imagining the mindset of the socialists who crafted this sorry piece of legislation most legislators just didn’t have time or adequate comprehension skills to read. It’s my opinion a sizable majority in Congress do not have comprehension skills to properly assess consequences of much legislation because much of it flies in the face of the US Constitution.

HR 3200 is a ripoff of the American taxpayer. The bill will not reform healthcare. It will destroy it. Any doctor or healthcare practitioner who supports that bill should leave the healing profession because the bill is not in the best interests of the patient.

Dr. Healy cites one provision of the bill: “The commissioner of health choices would perform random and targeted audits of health plans across the country and fine or shut down any that flunk federal requirements. And American citizens found lacking in federally acceptable insurance would be fined 2.5 percent of their income for that period, up to the cost of the national average premium.”
I’ve pointed out other problems with this healthcare bill as well.

If you’re older than 40, you may recall as I do that healthcare costs appeared to rise in conjunction with government involvement in Medicaid and Medicare. Medicare alone removed 42 million Americans from the private insurance market.

True healthcare reform would offer tax credits for medical costs and an option for unmarried couples with one partner who has health insurance being permitted to add his or her partner to the policy. Even if you disagree with gay marriage, it seems to me insurance has nothing to do with marriage. Insurance is a business proposition based on risk calculations.

Because so many people choose the emergency room for non-emergencies, neighborhood clinics might address that issue and that option should be explored by communities and states.

True healthcare reform would open the insurance market rather than close it.

The federal government should have never encroached healthcare period. That is an issue for the states. Federal encroachment on healthcare has decreased the quality of care, led to rationing of healthcare practitioners’ time with the patient, placed an undue and unhealthy emphasis on treating every ailment with the latest new pharmaceutical and placed the American taxpayer up front and center on the fiscal firing line.

‘Crat care is the last thing we need for the “general welfare” of our nation as stipulated in the US Constitution. The GOP should not cave in to expanding the socialism governing auto manufacturing and banking. If Democrats want to pass ‘Crat care, let them take ownership of it. Voters will wise up soon enough when their elderly parents are told they have a duty to die.

[Video] Constituents respond to Democrat senator Arlen Specter (D-Penn.) as Health and Human Services secretary Kathleen Sebelius looks on. Obviously the constituents are more informed about 'Crat care than their senator.

'Why the GOP should not cave in to 'Crat care AKA HR 3200'
by Kay B. Day
The US Report, Aug. 4, 2009

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    The public health insurance option sets geographically adjusted premium rates—who gets to decide the criteria? How will this impact quality of care? The government also gets to have records of all your personal information, seeking to “reduce racial, ethnic, and other disparities in health and health care.” What, exactly does that mean and how do you address it? The bill also penalizes employers, based on a percentage of their gross payroll, if they don't provide insurance.
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    Compared with those privately insured, the uninsured are more likely to be male, under the age of 35, much more likely to be unmarried and have no children. The uninsured are almost 4 times as likely to be high school dropouts, more than 3 times as likely to be Hispanic, and close to 4 times as likely to be foreign-born non-citizens. Their incomes are substantially lower and a larger percentage never worked during the year or worked only part of the year.

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