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Will healthcare bill give Tenth Amendment drive momentum?

Michael Boldin is founder of the Tenth Amendment Center. He believes 2010 may be the 'Year of the 10th.'Tenth Amendment Center founder Michael Boldin believes 2010 may be the “Year of the 10th,” with the Tenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution underpinning the drive’s momentum. Boldin said, "With people looking to resist D.C. through state laws on everything from national health care to medical marijuana, the 10th Amendment appears ready to be front and center in the national debate this year." In a statement from the Center Boldin cited examples of states disagreeing with federal laws on gun control, the Bush-era Real I.D. Act and medical marijuana laws, among others.

"Already, over a dozen states are considering laws or state constitutional amendments that would effectively ban, or nullify, any proposed national health care plan in their state, and we expect that number to reach at least twenty in 2010," he said.

Tenth Amendment rallies are planned in at least 10 states during January; among them are Virginia, Washington, Alabama and Texas. "These aren't tea party protests, or tax protests, or any of the other topics that were popular last year," said Boldin.  "These are rallies solely in support of the 10th Amendment, State Sovereignty or Nullification - something that indicates a major shift from the grassroots, and shows potential for the growth of a popular mass movement in support of the Tenth."

In 2009 seven states actually passed sovereignty resolutions.

He also said nullification has a “long history in the American tradition.” States use the option to nullify a federal law to declare it void and inoperative. Nullification has been applied to resist the Fugitive Slave laws, reduce tariffs and support principles of free speech.

Boldin also noted the word ‘Tenther’ has been cited by branded media as a top buzzword for 2009. The Tenth Amendment Center mission page reminds readers the Tenth Amendment was added to the Constitution of 1787 “largely because of the intellectual influence and personal persistence of the Anti-Federalists and their allies.”

With the federal government frantically trying to pass a healthcare bill that many states believe will lead to bankruptcy, Boldin makes the point that the movement may be “our only hope for moving towards the Constitution.” He said legislators “drawing this kind of line in the sand should be commended.”

Further momentum may be spurred by lack of transparency. President Barack Obama has not delivered the transparency he promised on the healthcare bill. Few legislators have read the House or Senate version of the bill and negotiations with union moguls—de facto lobbyists—took place behind closed doors.

Some recent federal actions may give the movement even more momentum. The healthcare bill will likely offers select exemptions to union plans, but offers no such exemptions to many private sector plans at companies where workers are not union members. The Obama administration also wants to tax banks, even those who have repaid bailout funds, but exempts other bailout recipients like car manufacturers and government-sponsored mortgage lenders like Freddie Mac from additional taxes.

One of the first political controversies of 2009 was a Dept. of Homeland Security Report declaring a number of political ideas as rightwing extremism, such as anti-immigration activists and those who are against abortion. Combat veterans were also suspect.

Boldin said, "With people looking to resist D.C. through state laws on everything from national health care to medical marijuana, the 10th Amendment appears ready to be front and center in the national debate once again this year."


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    The report said, “Militiamen, white supremacists, anti-Semites, nativists, tax protesters and a range of other activists of the radical right are cross-pollinating and may even be coalescing.”